Precautions for the use of thread button bits


For proper use of the button bits, guarantee the normal wear of scrapped the button bit, must pay attention to the following:

1 .according to the rock conditions (hardness, corrosion resistance) drilling way, open-air/ underground drivage drill rig/drilling anchor drill) row of powder medium (compressed air high pressure water) drill (heavy light pneumatic hydraulic) ,choose the way to rock bit buttons arrangement different row powder is suitable for various typical button bits, and it is recommended to use the site scope to select the correct bit see attachment, is the premise of maximum drilling speed!

2. To be stable when opening the hole, the working parameters of the drill must be reduced to prevent the single tooth from being overloaded and causing broken teeth to drop teeth;

3. According to the drilling situation, timely adjust the working parameters of the drill bit, and adjust the rotation parameters of impingement propulsion by measuring the temperature of the connecting sleeve between the drill tail and the drill shaft.

Note: drill bit used in water or gas of avoid by all means, otherwise easy to cause a bit hot cause drill bit broken teeth teeth and cause of failure for the ball tooth drill head, after a certain time after the operation, should be conducted on a regular basis check bit alloy abrasion of teeth, and shell when found alloy tooth or shell have larger wear, should timely use of related tools for grinding, so as not to affect the drilling speed and prevent cone bit back cause serious wear and tear, if card brazing alloy tooth and shell to avoid tooth and drill bit fracture caused by waste hole, new drill bit should be replaced in a timely manner.

4. rock type and hardness, construction site (other anchor holes produced by open underground tunneling), drilling method (other forms of downward horizontal fan), drilling depth;

5. failure statistics of bit : A. failure form (tooth loss and wear) life number;B. buttons wear (residual height);C) planned service life;D. Normal average service life;E other factory average

6. bit service life when drilling, shall ensure that adequate hydraulic or air pressure, prevent due to bad row powder soldering bit excessive wear card etc. Phenomenon, in order to improve the drilling speed is

7.orders the button bits, should specify the bit (E) the buttons shape, tooth shape (hemispherical warheads) tooth number connection thread or provide samples.


Post time: May-07-2020
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