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In 2018, Atlas Copco will grow into two separate global groups of companies. Epiroc Drilling Tools is a division within Epiroc which develops, manufactures and markets rock drilling tools worldwide. The division is headquartered in Fagersta, Sweden, and has production in six continents.

Epiroc Drilling Tools knows a thing or two about rock. Our earliest experience of mining and steel dates back to the 14th Century. In the intervening 700 years we like to think we’ve acquired a measure of expertise – a fact perhaps best reflected by our history of innovation and our comprehensive selection of rock drilling tools. Over the years Epiroc Drilling Tools has met the needs of mining and construction companies, quarry and water well drillers the world over with continuously improved products.

Sustainability is basically a very simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which we all can exist in productive harmony with the nature, fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations.

Sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have, unpolluted water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment.

Minding that, our products are constantly in a developing state, where we strive to increase penetration rates, decrease the use of lubricant oils and increase the working life on entire drill strings. This means less influence on the surrounding environment as well as more lucrative business opportunities for all our customers.

We also take great pride in taking it all a step further by developing faster and more efficient grinding machines so that our customers can make the absolute most of our drill bits. Worn down button bits will slow down the whole drilling operation with escalating working hours and rig running costs as a direct consequence. Rapidly reground drill bits reduce the overall drilling costs by up to 30 percent. Grinding is therefore essential for productivity.

Fundamental for all of this is our commitment to all our customers. We have spent hours and hours on-site, listening, learning and helping our customers get the best out of their rigs and our Secoroc products. We have built up a service support resource, providing hands-on experience from all types of applications and by that – we have built lasting customer relations that cover everything from product and application training to stock management and customized contracts.

Powerbit is the all new range of tophammer drill bits for surface drilling from Epiroc Drilling Tools. They’re built to take on any rock, from hard to soft, and from abrasive to non-abrasive. These bits last much longer. They give the drillers more meters before the first regrind, and many more meters between the regrinds. With Secoroc Powerbit, drillers are guaranteed to get more performance from each bit.

The trend in tunnelling and drifting is clear: the hydraulic rigs are ever more powerful and the rounds longer. Naturally, this places rigorous demands on drillstrings. Enter Secoroc Magnum SR, the next generation of drifting equipment. The key is a patented design; the rods and bits may look like standard drifting equipment but the thread is actually conical in shape. For example, the Magnum SR35 thread has a rod end diameter of 35mm, while the tip is 32mm. This means more material at the rod end to prevent breakage and less tendency for deviation when collaring. There are currently three models available: Magnum SR28, and SR35 and the Magnum SR Straight for exceptionally straight holes.

The recently inaugurated Control Tower located in Epiroc facilities in Örebro, Sweden, is designed to be an innovation arena to collaborate around, explore and develop automation and information management solutions.

The recently inaugurated Control Tower located in Epiroc facilities in Örebro, Sweden, is designed to be an innovation arena to collaborate around, explore and develop automation and information management solutions.

Epiroc now takes its successful Serpent ventilation system to the next level by launching automatic functionality.

For greater safety and efficiency in underground mining, Epiroc releases a number of automation features for the Scooptram underground loader. The Scooptram Automation Regular package allows the Scooptram to be controlled through an operator station from a remote location.

Atlas Copco, a leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, has won a significant order from Chilean mining company Sociedad Punta del Cobre SA

In December 2015, Atlas Copco Secoroc introduced an all-new bit range for tophammer surface drilling, Powerbit.

Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB has been named coordinator of the European Consortium on Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems (SIMS).

Atlas Copco will focus on automation at MINExpo 2016, 26-28 September, Las Vegas, US. The company’s booth will showcase a wide range of solutions aimed at tackling many of today’s toughest challenges in the mining industry.

Atlas Copco Secoroc is proud to announce the limited release of Powerbit T45 in the USA, Norway, Sweden and Turkey.

Secoroc’s comprehensive range of top hammer bits match the T-WiZ drilling rods with the added benefit of being easier to release and change.

Atlas Copco Secoroc’s COP 66 hammer and its new platform design represent real innovation in down the hole drilling.

Atlas Copco Secoroc presents the all-new Secoroc TRB drill bit range – the latest in soft rock drilling. Aimed at production drillers, this unique drill bit offers a greater penetration rate than any other bit – a penetration rate that is also sustainable throughout the bit’s service life.

Atlas Copco (India) has exercised an option to buy the remaining 75% of shares in Focus Rocbit and Prisma Roctools. The acquisitions will strengthen the Group’s position in the market for drill bits and hammers. Atlas Copco acquired 25% of the companies in April 2008. Focus is a manuf

Based on the same technology as the Secoroc Magnum SR underground drilling system, the new Secoroc TC35 can now offer the same advantages to bench drillers; straighter holes, longer rod service life, quicker bit changes and extension drilling from 51mm holes. The Secoroc TC35 is an ide

Over the last 40 years, reverse circulation drilling has proven to be a highly effective method in a variety of applications, including exploration drilling and inpit grade control. Given the benefits of this technique – not least its cost-effectiveness – it isn’t surprising that the market for t

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