Volunteers from the college of materials science and engineering went to Sanshan Group for social practice

In order to get out of the school, better social contact, understand social, training exercise their own talent, set up the service consciousness of the society, at the same time, better the textbook learning theory knowledge and social practice, the combination of materials science and engineering college volunteers on AUG.5 entered Sanshan Group on social practice.


“Sanshan Group drilling tools is a company mainly engaged in mining accessories, Top hammer drilling,DTHdrilling,Minernal Ground Tools,pneumatic hydraulic equipment, mining machinery, metal components, drill pipe,drill steel,metal materials and related accessories manufacture, marketing and management the enterprise products and technology import and export business of the company, the company responsible for the company’s volunteers introduction to more in-depth understanding of SANSHAN GROUP in shandong province.Volunteers went into the workshop to visit and study. The machinery and equipment which were not seen in the textbooks aroused their interest.The volunteers said they used some of the instruments themselves, which allowed them to better combine their theoretical knowledge with practice.The volunteers communicated with outstanding alumni of the school of materials science and engineering to learn and exchange experience, which not only understood the development prospect of their major, but also strengthened their confidence in studying theoretical knowledge and putting it into practice.The volunteers were impressed not only by the automatic machine operation, but also by various kinds of hands-on machines, which consolidated what they had learned and expanded what they did not know.Volunteers said they benefited a lot from the social practice.

This activity not only broadens the knowledge horizon of the volunteers, let the volunteers have more ideas and vision for the future, but also let the volunteers understand, learn from practice in the future, learn from learning practice.The increasing development of the society has brought more and more opportunities, but also more challenges. We need to constantly improve our practical ability and actively meet the opportunities and challenges we may face in the future employment and entrepreneurship process.

Post time: Sep-02-2019
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